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Walking Dancing Dying

'Walking, Dancing, Dying', as well as being an allegory for life, are words taken from the band’s headline track 'Dead Man's Shoes'. These 9 original songs (written by Matt Taylor) were all recorded, live, in one day. Backing vocals were added as an overdub but everything else went down in one go. They were performed live as a group in the beautiful room at Middle Farm Studios. Engineer Peter Miles recorded and mixed it all the old fashioned way on 24 track tape on Sept 11th 2022. 

The band are extremely proud of this body of work and of the way it has been captured in the studio. Head over to Bandcamp to own a copy.

Released 1st October 2023

Mixed by Peter Miles

Mastered by Lewis .Hopkin at Stardelta Audio

Album art by Paul Bullock

All tunes written by Mathew J Taylor, arranged by King Dinosaur

album art.jpg


King Dinosaur Live - Calstock Village Hall 2019

Live, lairy, and just as it happened on the night. This 3 track EP is a small selection of our original tunes from a 2019 gig at Calstock Village Hall.
Released December 31, 2021

Recorded at Calstock Village Hall with support from Mal @ Televista Studios.
Mixed and Mastered by Paul Bullock
Album cover photo courtesy of Andy Bilewycz
All tunes written by Mathew J Taylor, arranged by King Dinosaur

EP art.jpg
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