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King Dinosaur are an exciting, 5 piece band consisting of drums (Paul Bullock), double bass (Matt Taylor), piano (Jacob Kodicek), guitar (Alik Peters-Deacon) and vocals and trumpet (Ed Hart).


They play fun, high energy, original tunes to dance to and have been ripping up the south west scene with sell out gigs in some of the area’s best venues and festivals. Their raucous, joyous gigs are highly memorable and this is helped by the fantastic original tunes they play.

The songs have interesting, heartfelt lyrics and there is lots of top class improvised instrumental work during the solos and throughout the songs. The music defies genre and the influences are as diverse as jazz, latin, mariachi, eastern european folk and swing. Melt that lot together, add a little spice, and you have their unique sound that they like to call 'Spaghetti Western Swing'.

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